New England Pastoral Institute, Inc.

The New England Pastoral Institute is a not-for-profit, multi-disciplinary, pastoral psychotherapy and education center committed to caring for the emotional, intellectual, relational, physical, and spiritual needs of persons, families, and organizations through counseling, education, training, and consultation.


Pastoral psychotherapy combines the clinical skills of psychology with the insights of theology to meet the therapeutic and spiritual needs of individuals. The uniquely trained and experienced psychotherapists at the New England Pastoral Institute can assess problems, explore solutions, and provide a secure framework as you seek personal and spiritual growth in your life.

Pastoral psychotherapists are concerned with each individual’s relationship to self, others, and God, and with the dignity and worth of each person.

At times people need help in working through difficult questions and emotions. They need:

  • someone who will guide them through the fearful, lonely and often angry process of grief or family difficulties as they seek growth and resolution
  • a professional guide as they journey through the valleys of darkness in search of meaning in life’s chaos
  • someone who will assure confidentiality, respect, and genuine caring.
Our Services
  • marriage and family problems
  • problems with intimate relationships
  • personal struggles with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, a sense of failure, or lack of fulfillment
  • coping with grief or loss
  • emotional problems associated with physical illness or accident
  • spiritual meaning and direction
  • the dilemmas of growing up, parenting or aging
  • issues relating to separation, divorce, remarriage and life in blended families
  • addiction
  • interpersonal violence and abuse
  • life-transition counseling

    The Center for Education and Training

    The Center for Education and Training provides

    • a multitude of workshops and seminars on personal growth and family-related issues for life enrichment
    • a variety of continuing education and professional development programs is also available for mental health professionals and clergy
    • education, wellness and prevention programs

    Clergy Resource Center

    The Clergy Resource Center provides ministers opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth through individual counseling, and support groups. Through its clergy enrichment program, it offers a pulpit supply service, literary resources, and leadership for retreats and workshops. The Center also serves as a resource for clergy, clergy families, and congregations in crisis.